John Greenleaf Whittier “Autumn Thoughts”

Re-read this in a beautiful 1893 edition with soft leather boards presented to my great uncle Herald for his “perfect attendance cards”

Ahh, “warmer sun and softer rain”, sounds good!

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Fruit, unbroken promise of the flower

I just stumbled on this poem from the 1930’s from Daniel Whitehead Hicky who used to be a well known writer. Let’s get him famous again!

Beloved, Autumn tells us all we know
And all that we shall ever know. Your hand
In mine, this hillside scarlet with the glow
Of orchards ripening on a ripening land,
No word I speak to measure out my love
Avails me anything, nor lip to lip
No kiss, no whisper here shall ever prove
A thing beyond these tremulous leaves that drip
In yellow silence down the listening day.
Once April, like the youth we know this hour
Lay on these boughs, and blooms in bright array;
Now fruit, unbroken promise of the flower,
Drops and is done where stubbled grasses drowse.
All life, all love, is written in these boughs.

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Georgia asters

New plant for me, Symphyotrichum georgianum, is in bloom. The squirrels haven’t tried to dig these up yet

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A sign…

First sassafras leaf has turned and fallen

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Calling all mycologists!

These mushrooms popped up in a couple of plate sized circles last week:

And here they are having grown to maturity and starting to die down. Anybody know what they are? Google search for mushrooms are decidedly unhelpful!!

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and the feasting continues….

It’s funny that birds really just hit the ripe fruits, leaving the others to get to perfection

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Beautyberry bottoms up

My beautyberry has had a pretty good year. Now it’s getting ready to feed some birds. I didn’t remember that they change to deep purple from the inside out or from the bottom up. I have a feeling they’re going to get munched up quick.

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