Memory Garden at Peachtree and 16th St Atlanta

I got a chance to visit this garden in Atlanta’s First Presbyterian church. A little history of the designer: The only landscape designer I know of back in the early 20th Century around Atlanta, Edith H. Henderson (1911-2005), lived with her husband James R. Henderson, Sr. at 1028 Amsterdam Ave in the 1930’s when she was working in the garden department at Rich’s downtown and he was a salesman at Hastings Nursery. In the 1950’s, they lived at 250 Brighton Rd NE when he was a department manager at Spratlin Harrington & Co (insurance?) and she’s listed as a Landscape Architect. She designed this garden in sometime in the 1960’s I think but haven’t confirmed that.

Here’s the plan from a recent renovation, which has not been fully planted yet

The garden itself isn’t labeled within the church but it’s located near the eastern part of the property near the Candler Chapel and is completely enclosed by the building. There are two entrances one on the north and one on the south. Here are some pictures from yesterday

The drain is indicated on the diagram and the block next to it is a memorial to Nellie Inman Cooper (1870-1911) who is buried at West Laurel Hill Cemetery in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Her father, Samuel Inman (1843-1915), put up much of the money for Joel Hurt’s Inman Park neighborhood and for which it is named. He made his money in cotton in Atlanta and Houston.

On the southside, is the bird bath as marked. The plantings are mostly non-natives including the dwarf grass, japanese hydrangea but I did see a fringe tree. The site doesn’t get a ton of light but the water feature is nice.

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